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Vita SlimVita Slim is a little bit different from other weight loss products which usually consumed as oral medicines. Vita Slim is not consumed orally, but you place it on the skin like a patch.

By using this method, the ingredients contained in this Vita Slim patch would be directly absorbed into your blood more effectively, helping you get maximum advantage from the diet product.

Vita Slim guarantees that it will enhance metabolism in your body, and also control the appetite and supply energy properly and essentially.

Vita Slim guarantees to help individuals lose their weight fast and effortlessly, without diet or even workout. Maybe you wouldn’t believe this, because a healthy diet plan and daily workout are the common ways to eliminate fat in our body.  The Vita Slim patch must be changed every day and we were not able to decide exactly how many patches we can us every day. And remember, we only can find this product on sale in Europe, so American females might can’t buy this product.

Product Features:

We were not able to see thee ingredients in the Vita Sim product. The only ingredient in the list is relatively common in diet supplements. Extract of green tea.

When consumed orally, extract of green tea may become a stimulant in your body since it has caffeine. It’s not yet proven whether putting a patch with this ingredient onto the skin may have a similar impact as when you consume green tea extract orally. What isn’t written on the list is Hoodia Gordonni, the appetite suppressant.

The Vita Slim website gives a warning for nursing as well as pregnant women, suggesting that they don’t use this product. It’s also not advised for anyone who has hyperthyroidism because the patches also have iodine. And b careful with skin soreness, especially delicate skin, since this product is will be placed and removed every day on your skin.


  • It’s apparently not too expensive.
  • Warning details and information are given.


  • The list of complete ingredients are not offered
  • You can’t find proven appetite suppressant inside the formula
  • There is no description about this product. Is it has the same effect with oral supplements or not.
  • The product is only available in Europe.


Because this product is very sketchy in offering information, and also there is no proven information that this product is a great weight-reduction product. You have to be careful and reconsider again before buying this product. Many trustworthy diet products are going to advise a diet program as well as daily workout for better results. If you find the product which provides alternative method without recommend you a healthy lifestyle, you ought to be careful. Furthermore, Vita Slim product delivery services are not too professional in the weight-loss industry.

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