15 Thermogenic Food Items and Spices Ready to Burn Your Fat

Thermogenic FoodsThermogenic food. Does that sound like expensive things to you? It does to me. Or at least it did, when I first heard it. It’s a good thing that I found out soon that I was completely wrong.

Thermogenic food is simply a group of food which happen to have the property of intense fat burning while, at the same time, help with your metabolism level.

It is quite amazing that you can burn fat while eating as well as afterward.

Thermogenic Foods and Spices

These 15 food items easily found in any kitchen certainly do that.

  • Hot Peppers. Hot and spicy, the spices do have thermogenic properties which stimulate your metabolism right up.
  • Garlic. Aside from being tasty, garlic is also good for the heart as well as your weight loss battle.
  • Ginger. It is supremely versatile, you can add it to most dish, even drinks and it burns fat really well.
  • Parsley. It is believed that parsley does wonder to the circulatory system. It keeps your bloodstream working smoothly.
  • Berries. These treats are exceptionally good as it cuts back the absorption of calorie, causing no additional craving and sacrificing no nutrition.

  • Cabbage. Known as the vegetable for longer life, cabbage has high concentration of fiber which is a big bonus point in the game of weight loss.
  • Lemons. A small amount of lemon, a simple tablespoon, in your soup, salad or even water is enough to cut back your cravings. It also helps keep your insulin levels stable.
  • Brussel sprouts. Having thermogenic properties, Brussel sprouts are loaded with mineral and vitamins which in turn raise your metabolic levels.
  • Broccoli and Cauliflower. These tasty vegetables taste good while carrying lots of calcium as well, in addition to their thermogenic properties.
  • Green Tea. Hot or cold, a glass of green tea before any meal will make your body worhips you completely.
  • Apple Cider. It is already well known for its weight loss ability; any savvy dieter will have apple cider or apple cider vinegar in his or her diet.
  • Mustard. If you are not exactly a fan of hot peppers, mustard is a perfect alternative. What’s more, any meals cooked with mustard give the dish thermogenic properties, too.
  • Cinnamon. With its wonderful scent and even better taste, the thermogenic properties can be seen as a mere bonus.
  • Vinegar. Known for its use in the treatment of metabolic disorders,  acid based flavor aids like vinegar and its peers are perfect natural way to increase the rate of your metabolism.
  • Water. Something most of us take for granted, ice cold water helps keep you well hydrated while your metabolism kicks into high gear trying to warm your body up.

What is even better, these thermogenic food items are easily found at the local supermarket, without any need to make financial sacrifice, or to travel far and away. Get your creativity going as you use them in daily dish while reaping the benefits of long, healthy life.

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